OAuth using Stripe

Hi guys,

I’m upgrading an app to Meteor 1.2 and one of the things we do is to allow connection of the users using OAuth from Stripe using https://github.com/chadokruse/meteor-accounts-stripe-connect.git installed in packages/

I’m now trying with this one but no luck so far:

Any of you is able to use Stripe’s OAuth in a Meteor 1.2 app?

What sort of issue are you having?

Hi @mstanton,

I’ve edited the package.js so it has the format expected by Meteor 1.2

    summary: "Login service for Stripe accounts using Stripe Connect",
    name: "chadkruser:meteor-accounts-stripe-connect",
    version: "0.0.6",
    git: "https://github.com/chadokruse/meteor-accounts-stripe-connect.git",

Package.onUse(function(api) {
    api.versionsFrom('METEOR@1.0', '1.2');
    api.use('accounts-base', ['client', 'server']);
    api.imply('accounts-base', ['client', 'server']);
    api.use('accounts-oauth', ['client', 'server']);

    api.use('oauth', ['client', 'server']);
    api.use('oauth2', ['client', 'server']);
    api.use('http', ['server']);
    api.use('underscore', 'server');
    api.use('templating', 'client');
    api.use('random', 'client');
    api.use('service-configuration', ['client', 'server']);

    api.addFiles('lib/stripe_client.js', 'client');
    api.addFiles('lib/stripe_server.js', 'server');

but when I’m trying to initialize as before I’m getting
Cannot read property 'requestCredential' of undefined

Here is the initialize method I’ve used in previous versions:

Meteor.startup( function () {

function initializeClient () {

  Meteor.linkWithStripe = function (options, callback) {
    if (!Meteor.userId()) {
      throw new Meteor.Error(402, 'Please login to an existing account before link.');
    if(!Package['chadkruser:meteor-accounts-stripe-connect']) {
      throw new Meteor.Error(403, 'Please include stripe oAuth package')

    if (!callback && typeof options === 'function') {
      callback = options;
      options = null;

    var credentialRequestCompleteCallback = Accounts.oauth.linkCredentialRequestCompleteHandler(callback);
    Package['chadkruser:meteor-accounts-stripe-connect'].StripeOauth.requestCredential(options, credentialRequestCompleteCallback);

  $.fn.form.settings.rules.creditcard = function (value) {
    return Stripe.card.validateCardNumber();


So this is undefined.


yes, Package['chadkruser:meteor-accounts-stripe-connect'] actually shows an empty object. I didn’t expect that. Means that package is not adequately added?

I’ve cloned it into packages/ then did `meteor add chadkruser:meteor-accounts-stripe-connect``

Did I miss something?

Did you mean that?

api.versionsFrom takes a (single) string or an array of strings. I would have maybe expected:

api.versionsFrom(['METEOR@1.0', '1.2']);

Nice catch!

I’ve used api.versionsFrom('1.2') now but this


is still an empty object and I see the same issues

I’ve found out that the Stripe object that is setup by meteor-accounts-stripe-connect is being replaced by the one set by mrgalaxy:stripe

I’m trying to figure out how to make them play well together =/

I’ve heard more than one person recommend using copleykj:stripe-sync instead of mrgalaxy:stripe. Try that, maybe.

It’s nice that it seems to have the complete API for once you have it authorized, but it doesn’t have the OAuth.

I’ve been doing operations with mrgalaxy:stripe without issues but now in this upgrade the method Meteor.loginWithStripe fails because Stripe.requestCredential is undefined =/

Following up on this matter…

I’ve patched a fork and opened a PR:

Thanks @krishamoud for reviewing and merging.

If I understood right that repo is related to:

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Sorry that it took so long. I’ve been pretty busy recently. If you need something else fixed in that package just ping me on here.

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