oAuth with Phone Number and Send sms Code

Hello friends.

Is there a mobile authentication package?
Of course, the package is up to date, not old

In fact, my goal is for users to be able to log in with their email, mobile number and username.
I need to confirm the mobile number by sending an SMS.

And I need email for marketing and advertising.
And people’s usernames are used to display their profiles
Like : app.com/@UserName for show user profile.

> In short, I want the user to register with a mobile number.
> And can login with username, email and mobile number

Please share if you have any experiences or suggestions
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I would start working with the normal accounts packages. So first let the user register just by username.

Then I would see the phone number with verification as an additional field in the user document. Phone is then a two factor authentication method.

There are some existing solutions to this:

There does not seem to be a fully finished solution but the use of https://github.com/dburles/meteor-two-factor package seems to make it quite doable. It might be interesting to create a new updated version of such open source package.

For your project this package may be relevant:

It shows you how you can connect multiple social accounts to a single user.


Does anyone else have experience in this field?

I understand your ask, but as far as I know, it doesn’t exist yet. I think a package that encapsulates this logic would be a wonderful addition to the ecosystem!

Do you think I can implement this system by combining meteor account and my own code?

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Yes and you can publish a package :slight_smile:

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Also check: https://www.accountsjs.com/docs/api/two-factor/classes/twofactor maybe that’s a relevant solution. I am not fully aware of far it’s development is currently.

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