Object document mapper

Hello meteor enthusiasts

Over the last year I have been working on a package that maps from documents to objects and back (so to speak an object-document-mapper). Its like an ORM but for meteor.

It handles loading, saving, updating and deleting of domain objects which can be composed of a hierarchy sub objects or string-keys that reference objects in other collections. It also allows to declare functions on entities as “collection update + meteor method” so that whenever the function is called on the object on the client there is a meteor method call that loads the object on the server and does the same update there.

There is a plain javascript API and there are typescript annotations.

I would like to make it more publicly available (add proper documentation etc) but wanted to see if there is any interest.

So, anyone interested? If so let me know :slightly_smiling:



My first question would be, how is it different or better than Astronomy: https://github.com/jagi/meteor-astronomy