Observer Changes - Changed Not executing Latest Change

When an update is pushed to the app and the observerChanges changed is called I am executing a jquery call after each update is made to adjust a slider. however it randomly doesn’t always fire the most recent event.

I would add it to the slider directly but the slider when changed flickers and puts in the old value then the new value on the interface that is changing it. Is their a better method to trigger a jquery event when the template updates.

changed: function(id, fields){
var isLocal = Session.get(“LocalOnly”);
var $id = $(’#’ + id);
var $txt = 100-$id.text();
var val = 100-$id.attr(‘data-slider’);

              var $slider = $id.parent().parent().find('.slider');
              //console.log(id + ': ' + val + ' - Remote');
              //console.log(id + ': ' + val + ' - Local');