Observers not working properly


Now this may seem odd of my to say this, but for some reason my observers are not working properly

I am trying to track when a document is updated either via the client or the server using either observe or observeChanges. However if a document is updated via the client using say

Tickets.update({ _id: 'kQXeksu5rgzR5ZBJW' }, { $set: { 'status': 'unread' } });

I am seeing a result from added not changed and if I update the collection via the server with say'markTicketAsRead', "kQXeksu5rgzR5ZBJW", function (err, res) {
console.log(err, res);

I am not getting any observed changes.

 Tickets.find({ 'status' : 'unread' }).observeChanges({
    added : function (id, doc) {
      console.log(id, doc);
      if(ready && typeof id === 'String' && notify.permissionLevel() === notify.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {
        notify.createNotification('New Support Ticket', {
          body: '#' + id,
          icon: ''
    changed : function (id, fields) {
      console.log("CHANGE: ", id, fields);
      notify.createNotification('Support Ticket Updated', {
        body: '#' + id._id + ' status ' + fields.status,
        icon: ''

also as a side note does anyone know how to observe changes after the initial init of a client collection meaning let it populate with the initial data and then observe the changes to it from then on out?


I figured it out and it was a logic issue find({ 'status' : 'unread' }) I was only searching for unread to begin with so when the status changed I shouldn’t observe anything.