Official Packages for other popular frameworks/libraries

Is anything on cards on bringing Official packages of below framework/libraries to Meteor?

  1. Polymer 1.0 - This project looks so enticing on the face value that I cannot keep myself from checking it out again and again. The community has already attempted to incorporate Polymer 0.x in meteor but would love to see the official package by meteor or google itself.

  2. (not - This is another project which definitely needs attention. There are packages for famous 0.x but that version is deprecated. I read somewhere that meteor and famous are match made in heaven. Let that marriage come to the ground pls.

  3. Foundation for Apps (not site/scss) - I see there is a package by rainhaven which say scss only. Not able to understand what that means. Also, it throws error while adding from CLI

  4. Material Design lite - there is a working package zodiase:mdl but have to maneuver for changing theme/styling

I would seriously request the Meteor team to work with these guys to bring out official packages that are also well documented on how-to-use them with meteor.


We have React, Blaze, Angular, Bootstrap and community packages I have not sought but surely there are packages for what you said in atmosphere

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Yes we do have packages for React, Bootstrap and Angular. In fact these three are the ones that are getting most attention from Meteor as well as the community and hence getting active support. I would like to see the same treatment for other tech and especially front end UI building libraries the names of the few I mentioned earlier. By far, the most comprehensive package and documentation I have found is semantic ui and bootstrap. Eagerly waiting for others to follow the suit

In the upcoming Meteor 1.3 where Javascript module will be introduced in Meteor, you can directly use packages from npm ecosystem like how you would normally do in a node.js app. So in the future it’s very likely that the need for npm wrapper packages in Atmosphere will be reduced.


That will be the coolest thing happening to Meteor after Reactivity. Speaking of which, I hope it will be easy enough for all kinds of users to incorporate Meteor’s Reactivity to any package available on npm.

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Especially a working plugin for polymer would be heaven (@freespirit i had to smile when i read this: I cannot keep myself from checking it out again and again :wink: … i somehow know this behaviour)

For the time being you can use malterializecss for that - it’s not the same and there are like a gazillion issues on github, but it’s working for most cases.

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Foundation for Apps is Angular-based so most of Meteor folks wouldn’t be interested in it and SCSS only package made sense.

Also Foundation stopped working on Apps pretty early in the game, releasing only one bigger update a short time after the premiere. I wouldn’t expect an official package for that in the future, as it seems Foundation for Apps has been a closed story for Zurb for a longer time already.

I used to use Foundation for Apps before coming to Meteor, but haven’t missed it since then.


Ohh thats a news! I didnt know that about Foundation for apps.
So @brajit what do you use for front end designing in your meteor apps/webapps?
I am yearning for some slick modern ui, friendly with both mobile and laptop. Bootstrap isnt cutting the deal for me because of its old school look and feel.

I use a combination of Semantic UI (for styling) and the grid + responsive features from Foundation for Apps (which I cut out from the project by myself).

I use Foundation grid in the form of SASS mixins that I apply to my HTML elements.

I use Semantic UI in the form of small Blaze templates, from which I create my components. This way if I want to apply a different style for a particular component, I need to change it only in one place.

BUT what’s important, I’m going for the separate view for desktop webapp and phone app and the choice of my solution was influenced by that decision. So I can’t honestly recommend it to everybody.

Great! I am also using Semantic UI in my project. It is by far the most comprehensive element library with proper documentation. Although I have found it some what behaves unpredictably on mobile browsers. I think that is why you are using FoA to control grids.
So much want a cool UI library that works with Meteor! The latest happenings in UI/UX world aka material design and animations are only increasing my craving

I’m using Foundation grid because it allows to achieve more complex layouts than Semantic UI grid, with good defaults. Semantic UI grid is fine, but it was made with casual websites in mind, not webapps that may need more of a complexity. Still, many webapps don’t require any complex layout so it’s not like I claim that Semantic UI is bad for webapps.

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