Official support for$METEOR_VERSION


Is the release=$METEOR_VERSION query string officially supported for installing a particular version of Meteor in a hosting environment, rather than only the latest recommended version?

It doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere, but I had found out about the release=$METEOR_VERSION query string option simply by trying it back in March 2016 and it happened to work. works if I want to deploy with Meteor

However I don’t think would work because the URL does not respond with the expected file download.

So downloading a previous recommended version using the query string happens to work fine. However the same query string approach may not work for a beta version.

It appears that the only way currently to install a beta version via deployment script is to install the latest recommended version the normal way then run meteor update.

Could support be added to make it possible to download a beta version using the release=$METEOR_VERSION query string? It would be a more elegant way than via a meteor update.


I’m sure support for this could be added, but I’m not sure MDG would want to. They want people to be able to try out beta releases (which meteor update --release provides), but I don’t think they’ll want to add the extra overhead necessary to “release” (publish to their CDN, etc.) beta builds. That being said, you might want to consider opening a feature request with MDG via the GH issues, to see what they say.