Official version of Meteor: or 1.7?

Just curious - what is the current official Meteor version ?

I see 1.7.01 is now released but the Meteor install page still show…

Meteor is ready, but hasn’t been officially “recommended” yet (which means it won’t show as being available when doing a normal meteor update or via the Meteor install page). You can, however, update to it at any point by running meteor update --release It should be flipped to recommended status sometime Monday at the latest (unless of course there are any show stopper bugs noticed between now and then).


Hi guys,

it is so sad, that meteor / mdg is not communicating as before.
I had to look up hardly on google find anything at all about meteor and mdg.

Only a lot of questions like is meteor or mdg dead popping up.

What has gone sideways, that you barely communicating new stuff (put meteor night videos online)

I was a big fan, but, you lost me mostly because I became misstrusting the company as CTO and had to assess it a big risk to bet on for our company.

Big heads up, come closer again to a more sophisticated communication style.



Be patient, they’ll announce it when they are more confident in the robustness of the new release.

And the reason they haven’t released the Meteor Night videos is because my company hosts that event now. And we aren’t done editing the videos yet.


i can wait~~~:star_struck:

I also feel communication is not what it use to be a year or two ago. I always go over to meteor medium to look for new articles and insights, it use to be very fun and inspiring but lately they have not published that much. Even if technically not announcing something new, maybe just write up a case study - meteor for me is still the easiest and most stable tool to develop a startup web app, mainly because building a production ready app has almost no config required. For a low budget startup that really matters, and I think that should be communicated and sold to new devs entering the space.

I also find deploying an app with meteor to be very stable (using galaxy I should add). With that said, I dread to think what will happen to my startup and clients if the future of meteor and galaxy is not guaranteed.


Meteor has now been officially released / recommended. For the full details, see:

Meteor 1.7 and the evergreen dream


@hwillson @benjamn Congrats, this release is a huge deal!

@mrmsupport I know how you feel. Me & @diaconutheodor are working with MDG and the community-at-large to kickstart the production of public Meteor content. You’ll see the first fruits of this labor once we upload the Meteor Night videos :slight_smile:. But there is much more on the way!