Offline data support

I have a system that requires a few features that Meteor’s data system doesn’t support out of the box. This is basically what I’m looking for:

  • Offline data support - load/save data from/to local stores when there is no data connection
  • Temporary edits

I’ve got offline support working with GroundDB (I’m still using Meteor’s Mini-mongo and probably will not migrate to Apollo in the foreseeable future). Basically, the data flow now goes - subscriptions to remote data sources load data and dump those into GroundDB. Then the site’s display subscribes to GroundDB to provide the data.

For temporary edits (before the user hits “save” or whatever) I’ll probably use a second set of GroundDB sources.

I guess my question is - how does this all sound? I see some mention of even the local edit functionality in some GroundDB issues - but that project seems to have stalled (as has much of the Meteor ecosystem outside of Apollo). If there is something similar in Apollo, that may be a reason to check it out sooner rather than later.