Offline storage and rest API's for mobiles in Meteor

Hi All,
I’m looking for a “best practices” way to store data retrieved from a REST API for offline storage on mobiles.

I’ve found out how I can use Pub/Sub with a rest API but I don’t know the best practices on how to keep this data for offline use.

I’ve heard of GroundDB however as I currently understand it that uses mongo collections which I won’t be using.

I only need to store and update local storage with the server. There will be no inserting or deleting. I will need to be able to find/ search data in some manner though.

My reason for wanting to use Meteor for building mobile applications is:

  • Good build system for multi-platform applications
  • Good choice of template engines
  • Great community
  • Good ecosystem of existing modules

Any advice would be awesome!
Cheers :slight_smile: