Okay, guys, who's playing with the CSS without cross-browser testing?

This is what it currently looks like in Edge:

Last week, all the avatars were arranged in single-column format.

Until yesterday it was okay again.

So, seriously guys, please don’t act as if Chrome is the only browser in the world. Do you want another IE6 desaster? Because this is how you get an IE6 desaster.

I believe any type of supposition can be dangerous, and the root of almost all the problems and miscommunication between people.

We have not way to know for sure, if and what has changed, and if it has not been validated on Edge.

Unless MDG changed something, you might want to check https://www.discourse.org/

Ah, Discourse. Naw, I’ll pass then. No need to bother his high-and-mighty Jeff Atwood.

Seriously, the guy banned a complete community because they continually dared to find new bugs (as was mutually agreed upon, natch).

If I report this I’ll only be banned, the topic will be deleted and I’ll get the message that it’s working as intended.