Old-fashioned CRUD application using Meteor?

Do you think it’s still a good idea to use Meteor for building a boring CRUD application? I love the simplicity of Meteor, but I wasn’t sure if I should build it using Meteor.

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Yes. Build the best CRUD application ever in less time :slight_smile:

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Yes, because realtime DDP CRUD is better than boring RESTful CRUD. Plus you can do both!

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Boring CRUD patterns are the basis for countless real-world applications. The Clinical Track has spent a whole lot of time making reference CRUD implementations. :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to work with Bootstrap UI, take a look at the following CRUDT pattern that includes a Table.

We implemented the exact same pattern, but with a list (CRUDL) to create a basic weblog. We’re currently in the process of putting this under QA, as the basis of a number of personal health record (PHR) initiatives that various people keep re-implementing in different ways.

And if you’d like to see the result after we got everything under QA, refactored the hell out of it, added autoforms, and upgraded the UI, take a look at the shiny brand-new ActiveRecord reference implementation:

That’s where all our current CRUD pattern reference work is concentrated. The two-page implementation using ActiveForm is going to get an ActiveTable package, so everything is schema based; while the five-page implementation is going to keep things separated for customized views, edits, creation pages, etc. We’ve recently opened up the photonic namespace, which is where all the Clinical Track CRUD packages are kept.

Please feel free to take any of these, and run with them. We use them all the time; and they’re quite useful.


Boring RESTful CRUD is still the standard web protocol for API. Big applications that exposes API uses REST. If I want to develop big application with Meteor and expose my API I need REST. However, inside Meteor, DDP is the coolest technology for rapid development. Let’s hope an official REST API soon (meteor add simple:test ???) :smile: :wink: