Old version iOS and Android app crashing at review process time

Hi, I have a Meteor JS application that is available for iOS, Android, and web.

After deploying my web app to the galaxy server, I release the Android and iOS builds to the Play Store and App Store. However, the apps take some time to complete the review process, at this time the users are experiencing white screen issues in both android and iOS old app(the version currently installed on there mobiles).

Please suggest a solution to this issue. Thanks

Hey, you are probably facing problems with API changes (yes, publications and methods are like APIs, if you change or remove names they are going to break for older versions).

There are many rules for Meteor to update your app without downloading a new version (with a new bundle) from the store but you can overwrite these rules if you want.

This package is not going to do all the work for you but it helps you to control when to update your app:

But I don’t think this is your problem. I think your problem is what I said about the API, you probably changed something in the server and then the users are stuck with an old bundle that is incompatible with your backend.

The reason they are stuck with an old bundle can be many but probably you are using a new version of Meteor or some cordova dependency.

You can change this by forcing a specific version in the build, something like this:

METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_IOS=ad1761293205df5cc22205b56079e8b58e78eaf0 METEOR_CORDOVA_COMPAT_VERSION_ANDROID=b5f45bff70f77a07e0bfde0a7230ba842741c74b meteor build ../../$buildFolder --server=$host --mobile-settings private/env/$env/settings.json

I don’t remember everything from memory because I’m not currently working with Cordova apps daily but this article (I think it was written by @bartoftutormundi) can help you as well Hot Code Push | Meteor Guide

It’s really important to play around with all these info so you don’t publish stuff that will break your app completely.


Thanks @filipenevola :slight_smile: