On a lighter note: Emoji in usernames 💩

So, I noticed that Meteor by default allows full UTF-8, including emoji, in usernames (and passwords too).
Kind of unusual… Imagine if a social network site built on Meteor became popular. People would go crazy!


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Whoa - Meteor supports emoki in usernames? That’s like a billion dollar idea these days.


It’s not only a social network issue, our users use them also in their usernames. I guess it’s not a big problem as long as they use the same OS (to recognize the right emojis), but it could be a problem if they switch their device.

@XTA But it is all the same UTF-8 character. The differences that are seen are just how it gets interpreted on different platforms.

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I know, but if u compare the Android emojos with the one of iOS, you may not find the same one again (if you’ve choosen a rare used) - or you have to invest some time as user to find it again. They look different, and this could cause problems on the user side. I’m just wondering if we are not able to filter all special chars out of the username with a RegEx?

This sounds like a job for adding a login validator. I don’t think it should be up to the framework to restrict different kinds of usernames or passwords.


I read that Android is switching their emoji icons to be more in line with everyone else, so it might not be as much of an issue.

Though, I have to wonder why anyone would want an emoji in their username or password. Yeah, I suppose you could argue something about security, but, really, why? It just makes it more difficult to access the service

I guess younger users would prefer it, just to be individual or because it looks “cool”.