On page load through URL blank


This has been confusing me for a while. When the site is created i.e you load a page through the address browser (without having the site loaded) it will show the page blank. However when you navigate to that page through the site or navigate to another page in the site and navigate back it loads the content.

Any idea why its doing this? nothing is in onRender just in helpers and some minor stuff in onCreated which wouldnt effect the load.

You can see it occur if you direct link to : https://seattlefootballersleague.com/LeagueSchedule

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

Is this an known issue with Meteor or just bad code?

I’m going to go out a limb and say bad code (your phrase :wink:). I’ve not seen any other production Meteor app behave like this.

Its strange because everything is helpers, so there shouldn’t be any issues will rendering on direct load rather than loading after visiting another page where it displays perfectly.