On what platform is Meteor.com created?

Hi! This is my first post here in the forum and I’m really new to Meteor Development. (It’s my second day)
I’ve skimmed through some introductory documentation and a few videos. Can anyone clarify web app development using Meteor for me?

  • Is Meteor.com fully coded using Meteor? Or does it use Angular/React on the sides?
  • If I were to create a similar web app (A job listings site) how do I go from the one-page website to a full-blown web app?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Yes! meteor.com in particular is built using a standard set of packages for a Meteor app, including the standard Blaze frontend rendering library. However, using Angular/React doesn’t make something not a Meteor app - Meteor is all about the data and logic layer, not just Blaze, the frontend framework.

You’re looking for a router - a module that lets you react to URL changes in a single-page app. Right now my favorite Meteor-specific router is Flow Router. Here’s @arunoda’s routing guide: Panen77: Situs Judi Slot Online Gacor Terbaik Gampang Menang

We’re also working on writing an official MDG routing guide which will also be using Flow Router.


Can Flow Router handle pinterest style routing, with different layouts depending upon source? ie, logged in / same url from email?

I imagine you could add a query parameter, and then select the layout based on that?

You mean via the url? Well that’s the thing, the url stays the same. No parms added. A single url can match multiple routes.

You essentially have complete control over the url with React Router. When you click on the login button from root, the url still can display as “/” if you wish instead of “/login” all via the router loading different components based upon the context.

All the while, the back button still works properly.

Just curious if Flow Router can manage this trick. I tried watching the few Flow Router videos available, but couldn’t quite understand what was being said due to his accent being as thick as molasses in winter.

Keep in mind, if you are looking for specific features of React Router, you can easily use it in Meteor. Here’s an example app built with it: https://github.com/meteor/react-packages/tree/devel/examples/react-todos

Also, I feel like this is getting off topic, if you would like to discuss more about routing let’s do it in a new thread.

Thanks @sashko for your quick and detailed response!

I’ll take your suggestion and base my stack on Meteor + Blaze in the development of my first project.
Is there any specific tutorial or documentation you may have that would include the routing guide?

Are there also any other things I should go through before I start my project?

Thank you in advance.

@johngarrickmc you may start your understanding on Meteor by reading Discover Meteor blog here. It has a pretty basic concept for meteor.