Once you break hot code push

I know that if you deploy code with any of your meteor or cordova packages/version different than what your last approved iOS version from apple was, hot code push will not work until you create a new build with the updated packages/versions. My question is - once you ‘messed up’ the hot code push by doing the actions mentioned - will hot code push not work regardless of what you do until that new build is approved by apple? I tried to reset my galaxy containers to the last version that worked with hot code push and then redeploy my new code (without having any of the packages updated) but hot code push still doesn’t seem to be working. Any help is much appreciated.

You can probably use Meteor’s compatibility version control to get around the issue.

Thanks so much for your reply. I should have been more specific, my issue is with a meteor package so it doesn’t look like the compatibility version would work for that (just cordova).