One backend, multiple apps, push notification

Hello there! We have an application that’s essentially one app in backend, but has three different mobile builds (both iOS and Android) with different branding and different appIds. It was no problem beforehand – we just changed splashes and icons for different apps.

Now we are integrating Push notifications into the apps. Using excellent raix:push plugin.

For each appId we should have a push certificate. And push plugin only configures itself for one certificate. What is the best way to handle this?

  1. Improve plugin and make it handle multiple connections to push servers. That would imply extending plugin interface. Does anybody had any experience with things like this?
  2. Use three backends with single db and different certificates. Would be any performance problems this way? Did anybody do anything like this?

I’m pretty confident nearly everyone with complex use cases has either forked or written from scratch the contents of raix:push. You can copy the package into a packages/ directory into your meteor project directory for a simple, private copy of the package you can modify in-place.

#1 I’ve seen in practice. You definitely shouldn’t do #2.


any good forks of raix:push that you can recommend?

No it looks like the ones on GitHub are all out of date, or mostly about logging.