One big thanks @MDG!


After all the bitching about whether or not continue to use Meteor and whether or not take distance from the MDG group, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! to the people that gave us Meteor, an open source and most awesome product I am able to use on a daily basis.

So at @aliceyu as (*edit: former) Dir of Community and @sashko for his awesome presence in the community (man… how do you do this, you’re everywhere at the same time), and all the other MDG dev’s of who I don’t know.

               T H A N K   Y O U ! 
               You're all amazing!

Is it time to leave Meteor & MDG?

+1, big thumbs up to the MDG.

From time to time I get tempted to experiment with other web technologies, but I always come back to Meteor, 'cause everything else pretty much feels like coding with my feet.


Yes, a thankful post! :sunglasses: +1 Adding in my thanks to MDG for putting forth time, effort, and determination to make a developer’s load lighter! Kudos!!


Thanks - this means a lot to the team here! We’ve got a lot planned for the rest of 2016 so please keep an eye out for announcements from MDG as we deliver more ways for developers to build better Meteor apps faster.


Thanks for a positive thread!


Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of the weekly “OH MY GOD METEOR IS DYING, WHAT DO WE DO NOW AND WHY ISN’T MDG FIXING IT!?” shit post.

Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:


100% agree with this, thanks MDG for building and continuing to develop this awesome platform. <3


Actually the other thread is really good - I just wish these great discussion threads didn’t always start with such negative titles. Like “how do you feel about the direction of Meteor and how has it affected your life in the last 3 years” is a more apt title than “should we all quit”.

But really great discussions there - I’m super excited that we have such a big community with smart people and different points of view.


Hi all. New to Meteor here. I don’t know what to make of the running thread. However, I am quite enjoying what I have learned so from from your book. Look forward to getting up to speed with Meteor 1.4 and seeing what comes next.

Thanks for making a great platform to develop with!


+1, big thumbs up to the MDG.


Thanks for this thread. I just recently had one of the many a-ha (or “smiling-face”) moments when using Meteor. I built a new variant of my app, and this was possible with minimal efforts, all thanks to the great Atmosphere package build system. Yes, I know I might have to adapt all of this to npm later, but for the time being, it works just great and was a no-brainer to implement.


Haha, it was a bit like traveling back in time to Dec '15 and the Is Meteor Dying? State of the Meteor Ecosystem thread.


Of course. That kind of discussions are sometimes necessary or welcome at least. Still; I thought it would be good to bring in some positive vibe.

A little thank you is the least I can do in return of all the efforts from you guys.


Every time I think Meteor is too big a pain, I try another framework. I come back to Meteor 9 times out of 10 and love it even more. You forget what a pain plumbing a house is when all you have had to do is touch-up paint in your last few houses (if you get my strange and mildly appropriate analogy). Meteor FTW!


Finishing the Todo Tutorial on Day 1: I think i’m in love.
Today: I still love Meteor.

Thanks Guys. Keep up the good work.


I’m coding for 10 years and I worked later with many framework and tools in ASP, PHP, Python, Ruby BUUUUUUUUUUT Meteor.js and Node.js is Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome. :wink:

Now I’m using Meteor for near 2 years and use it in many projects. I use it to create almost anything. From my personal application and CLI tools until my small start-up projects and also my thesis in PhD. I really love it. :heart:

Thanks guys.


A big thank you to MDG for an awesome product. Thanks to you, I can no longer blame software for not getting things done! :fearful: Meteor makes life easy.