One way to reduce build times (expensive)


If cost is no issue (this is likely the case due to lost productivity for any established company), then you can do what I did and develop in cloud9, ssh’d into your own server. I fired up a linux instance on AWS that 1) lights money on fire and 2) is powerful enough to rebuild my large scale enterprise project in about 10 seconds (most of the time), it’s a working solution, but doesn’t scale well with monetary input (ie half the build time will cost you well more than double your server fees).

I have to delete my instance, restore it with an older image, then pull my code to maintain hot reload speed, but it’s only about once a week.

Hopefully they will fix this issue in a manner sufficient for actually building large applications in their next release, if not, I can offer it as a service if enough people upvote this.

Probably should’ve posted this sooner… Anyway, I hope it helps some people out


You can follow along on build performance work in Meteor here: