onEmailVerificationLink doesn't works

Hello everyone.

Please I need help
I’m using Angular Meteor.

I want the user to validate his email via Accounts.sendVerificationEmail ()
(Which sends a URL with a token to the click user)
I have already captured the token, and can see it in a console.log ()

My problem is that in onEmailVerificationLink is not running even though I’m passing the token parameter.
This can be checked because it is not printing to the console.log()

Next my code in client

class VerifyMail {
    constructor($reactive, $scope, $stateParams) {
        this.token = $stateParams.token;

    verifyLink() {
            Accounts.onEmailVerificationLink((token, done) => {
                console.log('CANT PRINT THIS CONSOLE LOG');

Why is not SendVerificationEmail running?
Please, any ideas?
Thanks for your attention