#OnePageWonder Meteor Bootstrap CMS RFC


#OnePageWonder is a super fast yet robust mini-CMS for building one page scrolling web sites, it comes with a bunch of fancy tools like Meteor, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Analytics and more!

This is my official request for comments on my way to 1.0.0 final, I will greatly appreciate any input!

I will soon knock back the demo resets to once or twice per day, depending on traffic.

#v1.0.0-PR.1 Video Tour


Fast to set up, fast to make beautiful, fast to hack up & plug into = Faster profits for Meteor developers & Bootstrap designers like you and I, that’s the purpose of #OnePageWonder!


Git It

$ git clone git@github.com:iDoMeteor/OnePageWonder.git
$ cd OnePageWonder && meteor




  • If you download a compressed archive, simply inflate it, change into it’s directory and run meteor.
  • Browse to http://localhost:3000 (unless launched with --port xxxx or deployed remotely)



  • CSV Log Downloads
  • Clear separation between logic & presentation templates
  • Dashboard with live stats
  • Explicit data contexts for all templates & etc
  • Log viewer paging
  • Configuration editor (config in database)
  • Rollbar support
  • Vertical nagivation toggle


  • Bootstrap 3/4 toggle
  • ES6 / Meteor 1.3 test branch
  • Materialize support
  • Optimizations (OpLog, caching, throttling)
  • Return of native Google Analytics support
  • Two new navigation styles!


  • All 1.0 features bug fixed
  • GSAP Animations
  • Meteor 1.3
  • Security audit
  • Complete set of tests?


  • Auto-sections (intelligent dynamic CSS, live content via social media tags, etc)
  • Dynamic theme editor
  • Integration with TwiefBot for C&C via Twitter
  • NPM packaged version


The Github wiki is probably a good enough place for me to start producing documentation, feel free to add sections you want filled out.


Reply with comments, suggestions & general feedback below or tweet me @iDoMeteor with #OnePageWonder. Customized sites w/screenshots ftw!

For bug reports (not CSS stuff please, I know it needs work!) use Github Issues with the console logs from both the server & client if possible, your browser & os of your client & server, and detailed description of problem. Preferably in a such a way that will allow me to reproduce it.


Post on Meteor Forums, use #OnePageWonder hashtag on Twitter or chat w/me @ http://chat.idometeor.com!

Y Bootstrap!?

Because it is as ubiquotous amongst web companies as bash is to Linux. I want lots of people to use it, not just cutting edge hipsters! :stuck_out_tongue:

Y Blaze?! Y not Angular, React, HippyCrack, Unicorn Sauce, etc?

I like core Meteor. I want it to be extendable without increasing the learning curve exponentially. There is no good reason to change render engines just because they are trendy. React makes sense for Facebook, not for a little ol’ web site.

Y Meteor Accounts?!

Same as above. It’s core Meteor. I can rely on it. I won’t be sitting around one day doing nothing special and suddendly have useraccounts* or some ish breaking on me for no good reason. It totally F’d one of my buddies once and I do not intend to have that happen to me.

Example Content

If you want to try the system out with some actual content in it, the images & CSS from http://iDoMeteor.com are included, regardless of how you get #OnePageWonder. Right click on a content row there, and find the section tags for the content (pretty straightforward, eh?). Right click on the section tag itself and hit ‘copy inner HTML’, then paste it into a new section in your install and hit save. Boom, it’s like magic!

Now you can edit & sort content as you please. This is how I loaded up the tarball & zip files w/content.


  • I did not intend to release this until 1.0.0 attained feature completion and stability, but I’m super excited about it and couldn’t wait any longer! This is the first ‘public release’ or ‘pre-release’ and is meant to provide me with some feedback so that 1.0.0 can be production quality.
  • If you change Bootstrap themes, the _site-specific/ CSS file will most likely need some work
  • Password reset: From Meteor shell, Meteor.users.remove({})
  • If it goes way bad: try meteor reset (I’ve never had to, but you might :>)

Screen Shots

For now, check my Twitter and send me yours!

Thanks for checking it out!




Wow, that looks epic!!! Great job!!! How many One Page Wonders can you stick on a $5 buck Digital Ocean droplet?

A bunch, or not even one. Is it brandnew.com or wikipedia.org?