OneSignal Custom Sounds

Finally got OneSignal notifications working. Fine…

So I want my phone to “Ring” with a custom sound, but looks like like OneSignal won’t allow for Web Push API to do custom sounds?

Any one have some insight?

The folks at have verified that this CANNOT be done.

WebPush can’t be used this way, because a user might send a 100mb file in audio and cost a user money. So you can only use devices that are ON a mobile device.

So, therefor, you must use an SDK for a true mobile device support and changing the default audio. Not sure how this works with Cordova…

PS: Screw OneSignal, it’s so hard to get working. Long live FoxPush.

And that’s what this package is all about, raix:push

Here we are, solution found. Holy god this has been 4 days of research. I hope this helps some one in the future.


$ meteor add raix:push
$ meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-device@1.1.5
$ meteor add cordova:phonegap-plugin-push@1.5.2

Full demo of a Meteor app is here:

Lastly, the newbie manual:

Hi. I help work on OneSignal.

Web Push does not support custom sounds yet, but this is part of the specification and we expect Firefox and Chrome to add sound support soon.

You can learn more here:

That demo app is a native application, so you would want to use OneSignal’s mobile notification support, which does support custom sounds.

Sorry if you ran into any problems setting up OneSignal. Please try reaching out to us over our on-site support chat if you’d like to give it another try and someone on our team will help out asap.

Hi Gdeglin,

The big problem is for new comers. I still am not able to subscribe to notifications on localhost:3000. The setup is one of the most complicated Meteor packages I’ve set up. Lots of people here on these forums in the last 3 weeks too.

Raix is certainly MUCH more complicated to setup, so I’m staying with OneSignal for now.

How can I use OneSignal, Meteor, and perhaps a Cordova plugin to get mobile notification sounds working (ring.mp3)

Thanks for reaching out here.

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