Online SEO tester


there is a site called we can check SEO of our hosted website.

but i don’t think so that it works proper for meteor app.

it always gives main 2 problem

  • Your page does not contain any H1 headings.
  • Your page does not contain any H2 headings.
    but my app has that tags.

check this site

so point is is any one know any online tool like to check meteor hosted app SEO percentage ??

thank you in advance


SEO will require the page content to be sent with the html payload for the site. Currently the page content is rendered using Blaze after the page is loaded. You’ll need to either SSR or a solution such as prerender to provide the full rendered page html to the site crawler.


any suggestions ? for pre renderer ?


I can’t recommend anything specifically as I use SSR when necessary. Galaxy comes standard with prerender if that’s an option and a quick search on atmosphere should turn up viable results.


I use which renders the site fine but still got problems. Have a look at my post: Google bot optimizations


Check with WooRank, this is one is good online tool to optimize any platform based website.


Sounds good, but requires a credit card to test.


@waldgeist , Try this one “”. I am also using this one to optimise website and this website offering one month free trial version without any credit card. May be this one helps you!!