OnsenUI 2 with Meteor 1.3+

Hi guys,
I try to use OnsenUI 2 with Meteor Include FlowRouter, Blaze and more …
I start new demo project to test and learn myself and solve Meteor specific issue of this awesome package.
You can see this example here:

I suggest to contribute and extend this together.

Sorry if you can see some funny code somewhere I’m new in some of this technology and JS.


I’m now working on add page transition support with OnsenUI navigator component.
You can join me for discuss here: https://github.com/MeteorDemoApps/OnsenUI2JS-demo/issues/2

Hi guys,
I start new React version here: https://github.com/MeteorDemoApps/OnsenUI2React-demo

Join me if you like using OnsenUI 2 Mobile UI framework with Meteor.js.
I also now working on this issue.

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Nice to see someone else using Onsen too. I’m using it just fine with 1.4. Their team is super friendly and responsive and constantly making improvements.

I have it working with redux if you go that deep, though I think they are reworking the Navigator and Tab component so it’ll be easier to work with in react and with redux.

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just cloned your repo and npm installed … this happened !..

I am also new to meteor and onsen. I am trying to use the basic tutorials from meteor-blaze, and using onsenui. Can you guys tell me how you are attaching event-listeners to onsen-elements, like say . The basic template events are not working for me. Can anyone guide me with an example.


I really want to start using Onsen but I REALLY don’t want to have to learn React and move away from Blaze just for this.

Has anyone had any success trying this? Or is React the only way forward??

No, Vue port for Onsen UI is already in beta phase. :wink:

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@gusto hehe - of course!

What I should have said was: I don’t fancy learning Angular for Ionic, or Vue at all. I really want to stick with Blaze, but if I absolutely have to move away from Blaze for a good mobile framework, then I’d be willing to invest the time in learning React if necessary. IF NECESSARY

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