OO Designing, developing, testing application collections (model layer)

Can someone recommend an environment and a set of packages to aid designing, developing, and testing application collections framework? I’m new to meteor and MongoDB. I’m working on an app that will have between 5-7 independent collections and about as many dependent collections (quit a few embedded and linked references). I working with Collection2, Collection-Helpers, Collection-Hooks, Publish Composite. With that said, can someone point me toward model related tools and best practices? I don’t wanted to deal with routing and presentation layer concerns, just collections, test data, queries, validations, hooks, business logic, methods, and publications. I see quit a few presentation side frameworks but not many for systems with somewhat advanced yet routine collection operations. Note, I’m not talking about Mongo Adminstration (sharding etc), only crud calls.

Not entirely sure whether it is exactly what you’re looking for, but corto.io is a hierarchical data-centric CRUD API for backends with a type system, OOP code generation, test framework, realtime notifications and data definition languages (native, XML and JSON).

The framework has upstream integration with Meteor (with a DDP server), and from your description it sounds like you’ll be using Mongodb - which is on the short term Corto roadmap but not yet available, so it might not be fit for your purpose.

I’d be interested though to hear what kind of “advanced collection operations” you’d like to see in such a framework.

It looks like I found what I was looking for in the Astronomy package. It even appears the designer is working on a query builder. I’m not sure if it works with roles packages.

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