Open Collective for Meteor Community Packages?

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about how to get funding for community developers. Since it looks like donations via GitHub sponsors are not to much liking, I’m revisiting the idea of using Open Collective. I’m thinking of setting up both on the American and European Open Collective, so that USD and EUR can both be accepted to make it easier (also GitHub supports both of those so it could be integrated easily).
Since it is Open Collective all the expenses would be public. It would cover everything under the MCP organization on GitHub and maybe even more.
But before I go into all the effort to set it up I would like to ask if this is something that would interest you and if you would be willing to contribute:

Would this be something that would interest you?

  • Yes
  • No

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What monthly contribution would you consider (USD/EUR)?

  • 5
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 100
  • More than 100

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Does setting it up takes a considerable effort? Otherwise just set it up and see it it takes off or not. I don’t think interest means anything really. Only money matters. People talk all day about helping out but when it comes to opening up their wallets that’s when they start stuttering. I’m interested in helping the Meteor community but I can only back you up or another at most currently.

I think the question would be, what would it mean setting this up? What is the desired outcome?

Would it be the one-stop-shop for donating into a common pool, to support the community plugin development & also have one central comitee to distribute the funds & prioritize work?

I think this would be really great, and I hope a lot of money will flow through it! I think it’s mostly about clarity that this will really be used to support the right maintainers - and maybe also:

  • that the people who decide to contribute certain funds could “earmark” them to be used for certain things?

Eg. if a company relies on a certain set of packages, they could offer / transfer money to sponsor & maintain certain packages and/or set bounties for specific features?

All the best!


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Setup is easy, but maintaining it is not. Also it make take some time and if there is no interest I would rather spend my time elsewhere.

Yes, that would be nice to do. Would have to figure out the details for that but it is possible.

But within a reason. It would be nice that donors could allocate funds, but we will need some general fund to cover general expenses and reward the general maintainers and other non-sexy stuff that keeps things alive.

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