Open Graph tags and meteor

I have tried using a few different packages to get what I am looking for and I have tried a few different methods. I have looked at the gentlenode seo guide, and the Manuel Schoebel guide as well as try the lookback:seo, blaze:meta and manuelschoebel:ms-seo packages. Since I am no longer using iron-router to handle subscriptions I have been unable to render my meta tags correctly. I do all of my subscriptions in the Template.onCreated() and now I can’t get dynamic og and twitter meta tags to get crawled properly. I was wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with the dynamic social tags with template level subscriptions.


Still curious if anyone has dealt with this. Thanks!

Hi @khamoud, have the same. I wrote simple package that manage tags on the client (og, twitter:card, etc) and also inject tags-area for SSR on the server. It’s the only solutionI have found/