Open new tabs with URL multiple parameters


I’m using FlowRouter.

I have this URL: /url/:paramter1/:paramter2 - It’s opened with an anchor tag that uses target=_blank to open in a new window.

I have a list of these a-tags and what I’m trying to achieve is that every URL with a different parameter opens a new tab.

Right now it just refreshes the first page that opens up.

I hope it’s clear what I mean, could someone help me with this?


Hi kuroki,

that looks like it should work I’d say.

Maybe show us an example of the full HTML / Template for the link.

And - do you have any event handlers added to the link which might affect the process? If you have any event handlers attached, maybe post those as well.

Hi, sorry for the late reply:

The link looks like this:

<a class="openWhispWindow" title=Open new window" onclick="'/whisper/{{charParam}}/{{name}}','popup','width=800,height=500'); return false;">Open ▭</a>

I avoided using event handlers on my js-file by just using onclick.