Open source data visualisation tool build for MongoDB using Meteor&React

We have built data visualization tool for MongoDB using Meteor&React which can be integrated into your existing Meteor app.

Databazel allows you build custom dashboards and charts from MongoDB.



IMO, it’s already easy enough to use charting libraries with React as is.

Although I appreciate your work on this, I find all these projects that do everything for you kind of a nuisance. It takes all the fun out of programming and solving problems when you have things that are already done for you.

Hope all the best for you and your startup.

@sproleee thanks for the feedback. Databazel was designed for the non-technical user who needs to figure out with their data.

Yeah. You did a really nice job with the project. Really love how the UI looks and the whole interface for the chart creations. You are using ChartJS, correct?

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Very nice work. And you loop over all the collections iteratively, and analyze the data generically?

good job there… glad you share it here

Yes, we use We also tried which is pretty cool but don’t provide flexible way of manipulation with “chart area”.

Databazel analyzes the first and last 50 objects to build the schema of the collection.

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a true nice job thank you

Thanks. Nice to hear that.