Open source Mantra application



I am open sourcing my Meteor application written with Mantra. The app is called Vym. The source code is available in this repo.

It is hard to get started using Mantra because:

  • there are not many practical examples. There are some sample repos but they are expository at best.
  • there is no official tutorial.

I hope to address the first problem by building an open source application using Mantra.

I think some real life examples like this would have really helped me when I got started. Feel free to ask me questions and I am happy to share the inner workings.


Thanks @sungwoncho for this. This rocks.
Yes, there are not many examples. Glad you made it open sourced.


Fantastic! For a long time I’ve been looking for something more advanced than kickstarter. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I am also in process of building mantra app. hope to share and communicate more with you.
my project


@zhaoyao91 Thanks for open sourcing it. I think real world examples are great for the community. Do you have a live demo?


Thank you for open sourcing!


I will make one soon.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Glad it helps.

You can also check out vym-sky for a more complicated example. It is another version under development.


You can also look at the React Storybook’s UI as an example.
Specially it’s with Redux:


@arunoda That’s great. The architecture works well without Meteor.