Opening Cordova app while device offline

Hi all,

I have got a meteor application running on a galaxy container, and wanted to develop a mobile version of the app using the mobile export in meteor, preferably with offline capabilities / caching.

I have looked into grounddb and seems people have had their share of success with it, so I am eager to give it a shot.

When launching the android app, I pass the galaxy application URL as the server. Works fine when online and shares the same data and all.

However, if I launch the app while the device is offline, the app doesn’t even start - it’s just stuck at the beginning (thus never reaching the initialisation methods for grounddb - no client javascript whatsoever is reached). I assume it’s trying to reach the server but fails because it’s offline.

I tried launching the app with a dummy server (http://localhost:3000) and just setting the mongo_url for the production database beforehand, and while the app doesn’t freeze anymore, this seems to break authentication.

What’s the right way of going for this?