Opinion - Mac mini

I used a MBP for 9 years until I just couldn’t stand those fans any more … I could still push for 1-2 years but Mac mini M1 was on the shelf and moved on to it and multi monitors.

Mac mini M1 is the best computer I have ever used but, truth be said, they always get better anyway.
With Webstorm I can run up to 5-6 Meteor projects concomitantly and I need that because I use a lot of micro-frontends and cross DB queries.

Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro were recently announced … oh … am I dreaming?!! For that money you really get a lot of computing. Will probably never go back to laptop for work.

I am posting this just in case that anyone has an order for M1 or was planning to buy one.

I have an M2 MBP and love it

On a bit of a tangent - I have the requirement to run my Meteor app as a turnkey system. Do you think a 8MB M2 dedicated to run an app with say 10 users is gonna be good enough? Do I really need 16GB is the question or will 8MP do?

For comparison when the app runs on a galaxy compact image with this work load it just idles.

Although they are not server grade processors, I think you can do a lot more than 10 users for 8GB. I would definitely not be concerned with that even if micro services and long running tasks for complex computations would be involved. I would only be concerned with placing this machine under a desk somewhere and forgetting it there. Unless they stay in a dust free, temperature controller room, they will only perform well for a short period of time. I think it is much easier to do a local load test than a cloud one.