Opinion - Mac mini

I used a MBP for 9 years until I just couldn’t stand those fans any more … I could still push for 1-2 years but Mac mini M1 was on the shelf and moved on to it and multi monitors.

Mac mini M1 is the best computer I have ever used but, truth be said, they always get better anyway.
With Webstorm I can run up to 5-6 Meteor projects concomitantly and I need that because I use a lot of micro-frontends and cross DB queries.

Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro were recently announced … oh … am I dreaming?!! For that money you really get a lot of computing. Will probably never go back to laptop for work.

I am posting this just in case that anyone has an order for M1 or was planning to buy one.

I have an M2 MBP and love it

On a bit of a tangent - I have the requirement to run my Meteor app as a turnkey system. Do you think a 8MB M2 dedicated to run an app with say 10 users is gonna be good enough? Do I really need 16GB is the question or will 8MP do?

For comparison when the app runs on a galaxy compact image with this work load it just idles.

Although they are not server grade processors, I think you can do a lot more than 10 users for 8GB. I would definitely not be concerned with that even if micro services and long running tasks for complex computations would be involved. I would only be concerned with placing this machine under a desk somewhere and forgetting it there. Unless they stay in a dust free, temperature controller room, they will only perform well for a short period of time. I think it is much easier to do a local load test than a cloud one.

I got my app running now on Mac Mini and Docker Desktop

  • restarts on reboot
  • nginx ssl redirect

Seems to go ok.

Wondering if anyone has a nice easy way to stress test the deployment - I only need support ~10 users so I am thinking I should be OK but it would be good to know.

I am also using mkcert to create my local CA and generate key and cert for my SSL - locally this works fantastic but when I hit the thing from external devices by IP address of course the cert is considered invalid.

The design is that I have have this turnkey system that we fire up at a venue that does not have WiFi - and during the event 10 or so folks are hitting it. Ideally the cert would come across valid. It works with an invalid cert but it just seems wrong etc.

Any ideas on fixing the cert given a local network - wifi router etc - no internet - would be awesome.

To make this all go I used these projects and docker composed it.

I would use https://www.artillery.io/ :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion - looks like a fantastic tool- and Playwright’s ability allowing you to record tests you then run from Artillary look awesome.

Great find - I think I have a plan now.

For any computer, currently 16 GB RAM is minimum, for it to be usable.

That is because when there is 8 GB of RAM, browser crashes.

I’m typing this on M1 Air, that has 16 GB RAM.

From SBCs, OrangePi with 16 GB RAM is very usable for development.