Opinions Wanted: Migrate existing data to MongoDB or keep MySQL?

Hello all,

I’m about to embark on re-writing (for the purpose of modernizing the code and UI) an existing web application. The current application is on LAMP. The MySQL database is not that large - a dozen or so tables and record counts in the 10,000s. My re-designed app will probably require only minimal changes to the database, and of course my users’ current data must be preserved. I’ve reviewed some information on NoSQL databases and I don’t believe that their advantages will benefit me much.

I really like Meteor and especially what seems to be the great community around it, and I’d love to use it to re-build my app.

The big question in my mind is, should I keep my existing database in MySQL and use the numtel adapter, or should I migrate my data to Mongo?

All opinions welcome, and if someone wants to take the time to write up a list of pros and cons, that would be fantastic!

Thanks very much your help