Optimizing Mongo for production


While we are waiting for Apollo to mature and Mongo 3.0+ to be the official dev version of Meteor, I decided to take some time and walk through how you can easily find and add indexes to speed up MongoDB. The queryPlanner can be a little tricky, so hopefully this helps:

If you are still stuck on Mongo 2.X, I also have a blog post covering a bit on the old MongoDB 2.X explain syntax too.


Thanks Josh - this is super helpful!


Thanks for watching. It still shocks me how many people don’t take the time to add indexes for their production app. Such a simple step, once you understand the why and how of it.


Nice, thanks! And for the record, I put spinach in my daily smoothies, so it’s always in the front of my freezer. No index required.


Too clever. Then I am guessing you need an index to find the bacon! I think I thought of my fridge as a metaphor because it has too few shelves and visibility to the back is crappy :laughing: