OracleDB : Error : "insufficient privileges"

I try to connect Oracle Database to retrieve my data for my project Database :

    		user		  : "x", 
    		password	  : "x", 
    		connectString : "x"
// after I want to connect to my table Authors
var Author = new Oracle.Collection('Authors');

Someone can help me please ?

It looks like you’re using the metstrike:meteor-oracle package. Did you follow the instructions for creating a meteor DB user, along with the appropriate privileges?

$ sqlplus sys as sysdba
create user meteor identified by meteor;
grant connect, resource to meteor;
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Yes, I did not do it because I don’t know where that I can put these instructions in ? Can you help me ? (I use DataGrip for connecting to oracle database). Thanks

I haven’t used DataGrip, but basically you just want to get access to an Oracle SQL*Plus based console of some kind, to run the necessary commands (as a privileged user). It looks like DataGrip supports the proper console type, so that should help. Once you have console access, run the create user and grant statements. If you’ve setup your database access to authenticate using a privileged user, you shouldn’t have any issues running the create user and grant statements.

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Thanks very much, but I have always this problem :frowning:

up… Can anyone help me ? I have to “done” this project on Monday…

To create users in Oracle, the user you’re logged in as has to have CREATE USER system privileges. Creating users is usually handled by a higher privileged system admin or DBA account. Check the privilege level your account has and make sure it can create users. Again I don’t know much about DataGrip, but I’m assuming you’ve configured a data source somewhere with a username/password to connect to your DB. You will want to make sure that account has the needed CREATE USER privileges (or be able to switch to a user that does before running the create user command).

See Managing Oracle Users from the Oracle docs for more info.