Orange Comet Logo Same as Meteor?

Does the logo for Orange Comet look like a blatant copy of Meteor’s?

ORANGE COMET | NFT | Digital Collectible Experiences EVOLVED

  • Yes
  • No

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Taht’s crazy the team looks like they are literally swimming in money. Did they refused to put more effort into making a logo that is not to be confused with another tech company or is this just a very well implemented scam site? I’m really curious now!


I wrote to them in their Discord in their Scam section :joy:

Ok … there is an explanation…
That is a comet not a meteor …
At least I am glad I pissed one of the admins by posting this in the Scam section :joy:

Reminds me of that one “Nathan For You” episode where he pretends to be Starbucks… “The logo is totally different!”

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can we say dumb meteor :slight_smile: