Organizing a Meteor workshop for a university?

Hello all!

So, I have been approached by some friends to make a short introductory workshop a few weeks from now about Meteor. And while I am excited to do so, I have been away of Meteor for a few months, and I am terrible at public speaking, specially when doing something along speaking like coding.

What would be a good way to show Meteor to a bunch of people that have never heard of the framework? How would you organize a Meteor workshop that would be around 60 minutes long? Would it be better to have the people participating in the workshop, or be a passive audience?

What would be a good way to have people interested, and wanting to learn more outside of the workshop?

I have around 3 weeks to prepare, and my audience would be 30-ish engineering students. Most of them being Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and IT.

Thank you all for your help!!

We’ve created a speaker kit that should help get you started with planning your workshop talk:


This is fantastic, thank you!
One question. For first time Meteor developers, should I do a live coding session in Blaze for simplicity? Or would it be better to use React, since it is becoming a community favorite?

Using Blaze vs. React may depend on their current front-end experience
level (separate from their Meteor experience). That said, following the
Meteor Guide is probably a safe place to start:

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I’ve been developing application on meteor for last few years and now is going to conduct a workshop on Meteor. I hope the speaker-kit will be helpful for me.
Here is the fb meteor group, where the event is announced.
Meteor: Build Apps with JavaScript (user group)

That slidedeck is almost 3 years old and could do with some love.

@thea : is that deck open source and “PR-able”?