Organizing User Accounts into Groups?

Hi guys,

I have a Meteor app, to which I want to add users that can then be organized into functional groups, for the purpose of segregating some security-sensitive access and features.

For example:
Say, I have 20 users, divided into groups of 4. They are all doing the same thing: uploading files.
However, I need each group to have their own folder space in the background, and only be able to see their respective group’s files afterwards.

Now, with 4 groups, I could “fake” it by using roles, I suppose. But I might have 20 or 50 groups at some point.
Does anybody know of an accounts package or other feature that could help with that?


the alanning:roles package hase support for groupbased roles.
for example:the admin of group a cannot edit stuff from group b

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I shall get experimentin’!

Thanks, @davidrums!