OrientDB - Anyone with tips/experience on integrating additional databases with meteor?

Hi everyone,

I’m starting a project which will rely heavily on graph and document databases. OrientDB seems to be the perfect fit. I have been trying different javascript stacks for the general webdev and meteor does look amazing.

I realize support for additional databases is the most requested feature right now. Also, there is a package under development (https://atmospherejs.com/wuxianliang/meteorient) waiting for some news from the OrientDB side. I’ve tried contacting him but no success so far.

We won’t need any distribution grade OrientDB <-> Meteor interface straight away, but we need a working bootstrap solution to start prototyping quickly. Any tips on where I should start? Does it make sense to look into the REST APIS?

Thank you very much!

Maybe you should have a look at the work of kim slava on the new rethinkDb proof of concept for meteor. I’m really interested by a driver for orientDb. It has live queries, so the main job is to link it on the Meteor Collection… But it’s always easier to say than to do.

Thanks. I’ll take a look

It’s specially tricky since I am not an experienced developer and I’m just starting with meteor, but I’ll give it a go.

If there is anyone who would be willing to take the lead on such package I would be happy to “side-kick” and help test/etc.

I’m interested by the subject, but i’m already missing time for my own projects :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah, same thing on our side… We have 2.5months to deliver a working prototype so the variable we have to optimize is development speed.

I will give Sails + Orient a try this week. If they work well together out of the box we might have to go with Sails for this project, which is unfortunate as I am really falling in love with Meteor…

Here is the documentation for livequery and fullstack database drivers : https://www.meteor.com/livequery
It’s the lonely documentation i’ve found

Hi, it seems there have been some developments - check it out over here: