Orion v1.0 is out - The most flexible CMS for meteor just got a lot better


The Orion core team is very pleased to announce the release of v1.0 of what already is the most powerful back-end framework for Meteor - https://github.com/orionjs/orion. This releases introduces a set of new features, improves majority of others and is a rewrite of the code-base. Also http://orionjs.org is the new official website for documentation, tutorials and all things Orion.

What makes Orion unique is the community and support around it and the growing list of dedicated packages built specifically to make Orion a cohesive and easy to use framework - https://atmospherejs.com/?q=orion

We thank the many contributors who helped in testing out the beta releases, identified bugs and suggested important features. To the meteor community we say it is time to build your dream app effortlessly. See you over at http://orionjs.org/


Neat! Looking forward to checking it out…


A lot of effort has gone into making Orion the best, I’m sure you will absolutely love it


Was just about to write my own solution when I saw the announcement. The relations feature just saved me a lit of time!


This might be considered out of topic, but I must say that I just LOVE the names that come up in the Meteor ecosystem


@paryguy welcome to the party you will discover more and more how much time you save working with Orion


@loupax are we in the top 10 of best names :slight_smile: I guarantee you this framework deserves it’s name


I tried the step by step instructions and all i get are tons of errors running on the latest meteor
please help thanks!

TypeError: Materialize is undefined
TypeError: Package[‘materialize:materialize’] is undefined
ReferenceError: Template is not defined
ReferenceError: Meteor is not defined