Ostrio:files - Images disappear

Hello people. I’m using ostrio:files@2.3.0 to upload images, but after I upload the images after a while they just disappear from the server, whether it’s in development or in production. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

I even tried using the Dropbox method, but the images are not going to their server.

Hi, question: What kind of server are you using?

I mean where you host your app.

The dropbox thing - I don’t know this backend, but it seems it’s not working at all. So let’s not discuss this right now.

The other thing sounds like an issue we had: We used local filesystem storage for our files, but our servers are recreated / a new docker image gets created for every new release / launch. And of course the images stored in the previous image would be gone!

I prefer storing images in the database for this reason, if there are no reasons against that. Otherwise you’d need to use AWS or attach some external storage to your docker container as storage spoace somehow in order to persist the images between rebuilds / redeploys.

Maybe that’s your issue?

Might be something else entirely of course, but it just sounded so familiar I thought I’d give you a heads up.


@rodrigogpiris sounds like your issue is in file system as described by @DanielDornhardt (it’s common issue), check FAQ it’s described there. I recommend leaving questions like this one in the GitHub issues for the quick response

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Hi @DanielDornhardt @dr.dimitru. Thanks for the answers. Really the problem is in each deploy, where the images are deleted from the system. I uploaded it to the database as suggested and it worked. Thank you very much!