Ostrio:files is not fetching files after deploying the code on meteor galaxy

I am using ostrio:files for file storing. When I deploy my code on galaxy server, when user will fetch previous image data (previous data exists in database ), it also get URL from database of that image but when I hit on that URL, it shows ’ File Not Found :frowning: ’ .

Please advice, how I can solve the issue.

I’m not sure whether Galaxy permits you to store files. But ostrio:files package stores files at yourProdAppDir/programs/server - inside your application bundle directory. If I understand correctly how Galaxy deployments work, this directory will be wiped out every time you deploy, so it’s not a good place to store uploads.

I am using like that

---------------> Server side

export const designImages = new FilesCollection({ collectionName: 'designImages' });

---------------> Client side

<img src={image.link()} alt="" className="img-responsive" />

Hi, have you been able to make this work?
I’m stuck too

Right now Galaxy has no persistent file system:

Galaxy provides temporary file storage for application containers to use. Galaxy does not provide persistent file storage for application containers to use.

If you need persistent file storage for your application, you should use a robust cloud storage solution like Amazon S3.

You should consider moving your storage to 3rd party.

Hope this will help to other folks, and @kenshinman.