OT: FOSS Developers collect your Handshake Rewards!

I was tipped off by https://twitter.com/pauldowman that some developers might be eligible for handshake (https://handshake.org/) airdrops, you can claim some free $HNS because you’re a FOSS developer - here’s the skinny: “Public keys from open source developers were collected in the following ways. If you are an open source developer that meets the requirements listed below you may be able to claim 4,246.994314 HNS from this airdrop:” “~250,000 GitHub users with 15 or more followers during the week of 2019-02-04 were identified and their PGP and SSH keys were downloaded. Out of those ~250,000 users, ~175,000 of them had valid SSH and/or PGP keys at the time of the merkle tree creation.” GitHub - handshake-org/hs-airdrop: Decentralized airdrop to open source developers

TL;DR; if you had 15 followers on 2019-02-04 and your private github ssh-key from then you can claim 4,246.994314 $HNS, which equals about $2500 USD at its current price today. Handshake is a really cool project that is working to decentralize entire TLDs, so you can own a .awesome , .ts , etc custom TLD.

Give a kudos to Paul Dowman for the tip off https://twitter.com/pauldowman/status/1393944583629848581

Pass the word on to your fellow FOSS devs

:+1: thanks for making Meteor great contributors and githubbers


This is really cool!

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Tried all my old keys, but sadly I’m not eligible or can’t find my old key.

I’ve heard that from a few developers, sorry mate :frowning:

I’m a data hoarder