Our Meteor app is featured on Product Hunt! NimbleNotes - The digital notebook that helps you learn

Hey fellow Meteorites!

We just launched NimbleNotes a few days ago, and we’re excited to announce that it’s already been featured on the front page of Product Hunt!

Why are you still reading this? Go check us out on Product Hunt!

I’ll post a more formal introduction of NimbleNotes here on the Meteor forums soon. I just want to give very special thanks to @arunoda and the Kadira team for all their amazing packages (like FlowRouter and Kadira), but most importantly, for helping us to optimize NimbleNotes before we were able to announce the launch. We were pretty lost until Arunoda jumped in and helped us identify our bottlenecks in a pinch. THANK YOU!! Just one example of the amazing community we have here. So glad that we chose Meteor! More background info and stories about our journey with Meteor coming soon!


Wow, looks awesome @kahmali - and great idea! I can’t wait for more info on the journey. Congrats!

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Thanks so much @hwillson! We definitely look forward to sharing our story. Especially if it might help another developer in a similar position. We’ll keep you posted here on the Meteor forums with any important updates. Thanks!

Congrats, looks nice!

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@kahmali Awesome! Congrats :smile:

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Wow, that looks really close to what I’ve been wanting to work on for a while! Congrats!!