Out of Memory for App Hosting on Meteor Cloud

I tried to deploy my App on Galaxy and Mongo Atlast.
Please help me, I am not sure to check…

#### Compact
0.5 ECU
$40/mo per container
1 container(s) in use

Hi @theara, there seems to be an issue your Meteor (NodeJS) - MongoDB connection. Methods and PUB/SUBS are far too slow. Where do you host your DB?
If your MongoDB is not in the same data center with your Meteor machine, chances are you are have too much latency.

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Hi @theara,

Please, open a ticket for our support team and they can help you support@meteor.com

I host Mongo DB on Mongo Atlas

Thanks @hschmaiske, I will try
(Sorry my English not good)

In Atlas are you with AWS and in the same AWS region as your Galaxy deployment?

Yes I used the same Singapore.

Now I tried issue on this

perfect and hopefully the cloud team will respond to you promptly.

Meanwhile, in your Methods tab in the APM, click on one of those methods and you should get further details of the time split of the method. Example:

Yes, I could see this.
But I don’t understand to solve.


can you share one of those 2 methods? It looks like you are running with the latest Meteor (I think 2.8) beta, there is a lot of async there which is normally not visible with Fibers.
What is your Meteor version?

I’ll give you an example of what your times look like:
Let’s say find a bunch of users, get the emails, send and email to each one, return the users to the client.
Email sending is blocking and it will show you long async times and this is why longer running tasks on the server should be preceded by this.unblock()

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  • I base on Meteor v2.7.
  • I used Mongoose in Meteor for any query with Async/Await.
  • Don’t use this.unblock() for methods
    It have problem or not that I used Mongoose???
    (Mongoose have many method to used)

ok, that probably explains it :). How to use Mongoose in Meteor? Well … just don’t.

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Sorry if it’s incorrect, I think that Mongoose is easy to use with many methods build in (ORM).
The big problem for me is Decimal Number.
could you recommend :pray:

Share my code here? :blush:

Just an educated guess, but in my usecases checking MongoDB indices against queries was often helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks @bratelefant, for your advice…