Out of stack space exception

I am using angular2-meteor package version 0.3.1. After upgrading to 0.3.1 I am now getting out of stack space exceptions when running in IE (11). It runs cleanly in Chrome. The problem actually started with version 0.3.0_1 - but everything worked great on version 0.2.8_1.

I understand changes in Angular2 alpha status and the breaking changes etc - and I consumed that impact w/o complaint. But this one is harder for me to come to terms with. [I am not a javascript programmer - getting feet wet here].

I started with a new project - following the angular2-meteor tutorial - jumping to step 2 … (which still refers to angular2/angular2 – and required changes to angular2/core and angular2-meteor). But that simple tutorial step won’t work in IE.

I am getting SCRIPT28 - Out of Stack Space - File: ecmascript-runtime.js Line 370
SCRIPT2343: Stack overflow at line 370
SCRIPT1002: Synatx error File: servername:3000, line1, column1

What I found is – on IE: the network traffic starts returning the main page :

.. etc

… for several files … .map etc etc…

but I just don’t see WHY …

am I the only one doing angular2-meteor on IE?