Outdated tutorials

The tutorials (or at least the react version) on meteor.com are outdated. Does anyone know if there are any plans to update them in the near future? Or does anyone know of anywhere to find up-to-date tutorials?

I haven’t used meteor for a little while and I find myself struggling a bit now that there have been a lot of changes.

The mains issue for me now is that meteor create --react does not match the react tutorial on the website. I will add that I am not well versed in react. I have some basics. Maybe I am better off starting there?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


react version outdated?? It was just updated by @leonardoventurini

Could you please elaborate on what you find outdated in the tutorial??

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@harry97 I don’t think the Meteor website is using my version of the tutorials yet, there was some issues on using tortilla which we are trying to resolve, I might have to convert it to the old tutorial format soon.

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Hello, I have a new version for it here https://github.com/meteor/simple-todos-react/tree/tortilla-master but it is not in production yet. Perhaps it will soon.


Thanks for the replies

@harry97 The version on the website has not been updated for a while I think.

@leonardoventurini Thanks for the link. That is excellent.

I hope this gets merged to production soon. This kind of discrepancy between the current meteor version and the basic tutorials may put people off. Finding up to date material is difficult enough without the source of truth being outdated too.

Thanks again for your speedy replies and help.


Yeah, man. Hopefully the new tutorials get merged soon. cc @filipenevola :smile:

I’m having big problems running the tutorials myself.
It doesn’t show the todo items.
Not from the sample array, nor from the database.
I can verify that the collection has items in it.
I’ve done a complete 100% copy/paste of the source code. Does not work.

At the start of the tutorial, it says: In a hurry?
And it tells me to clone the app, run meteor npm install and start the server.

The app blows up with a gazillion errors, and a warning: react-meteor-data 2.x requires React version >= 16.8.

I could troubleshoot and fix this. However, as this is the beginner tutorial, I really should not have to.
The tutorial should work, and be exciting. Not have me spend time fixing your mistakes.

The Todos tutorial also has 75 vulnerabilities in npm packages and is still on Meteor 1.7.1. I’ve thought about trying to updating it, but there’s a lot of surface area.

I’ve been trying to learn testing and testing is broken in Todos. I have been troubleshooting a Cordova issue and tried to pull it to see if the same issues were there, but the build fails.