override-atForm back button

Hello friends!
I am using useraccounts-unstyled I want to put a Back button in the Register form page and I wanna add it too in the Forgot Password page to come back to Login Page

{{#if showPwdForm}}
{{> atPwdForm}}
{{#if showTermsLink}}
{{> atTermsLink}}
{{#if showSignInLink}}
{{> atSigninLink}}
{{> Header}}

I also have another doubt it is possible to use the header conditions for that back button to be displayed when it is in the desired window.Think of something like the code that I attached below but I did not work.
Inside my header.html

<template name="Header">
  <div class="bar bar-header ">
    <h1 class="title">findme</h1>
    <span><a href="/LoginPage" class="fa fa-angle-left"></a>  </span>