P2P desktop application with Meteor

I am planning to write a P2P desktop application with Meteor. Concretely, it means that I want all the best stuffs of the server and the client together into 1 unique app:

  • Easy and automatic setup of MongoDB.
  • Oplog of the MongoDB.
  • DDP between nodes.
  • HTML / CSS UI.
  • Desktop app made via Electrify (i.e. Meteor on Electron).

Of course, Meteor was never meant to be used in that way and things are not going to work out of the box. I will have to hack and adapt stuffs to reach my goal.

The main differences I need to address are:

  • Meteor client doesn’t setup a MongoDB.
  • Meteor client saves things to MiniMongo instead of MongoDB.
  • Meteor client’s HTML is coming from the server, I need it to come from the local node.
  • Some other unexpected, unforeseen problems which I am sure you will love to mention.

Now I have the choice between taking each Meteor component separately and build my app directly on the top of NodeJS / Electron without being in a Meteor container, OR I can also keep Meteor and try to hack it to make it fit my goal.

Which path would you take and why?

Do you think this is even doable?

What other solution would you recommend, while keeping a reactive HTML UI?

(About myself: I am an experienced developer who is pretty much new to the web environment)

I found a nice solution to use Meteor unmodified while doing my p2p stuffs. Never mind.